How to Become Instafamous

Isn’t the whole point of social media apps to be, well, social? So, doesn’t it make sense that people like you and me who use these social media apps wish to obtain some sort of recognition? Of course it does! That kind of recognition on Instagram is called becoming “Instafamous”. When you are Instafamous it means you have hundreds of thousands of followers, your uploads generate many likes and comments, and you have most likely made it to the “popular” page of Instagram. Becoming Instafamous can take a lot of hard work and time, but thankfully there are a couple tips that can you help you out.

Tip #1: Quality Over Quantity, Always

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It is better to upload one interesting thought provoking post per week, then to upload the same boring old food or dog or such post every single day. Your followers want quality uploads, not a ton of annoying ones.

Tip #2: Be Public

If you want to be Instafamous you have to be willing to let a lot of other Instagram users see your profile and uploads, that is where your privacy settings come into play. A private profile isn’t going to help you achieve your fame goal, as most people cannot see what your posts even are and do not want to wait for you to approve their follower request. A public profile, on the other hand, will allow many more users to see your uploads and then follow you! Public is best for becoming Instafamous.

Tip #3: Timing Can be Everything

Pay attention to when you upload your posts; upload something in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping and you’re much less likely to generate buzz or get many interactions. If you post in the middle of the day when everyone’s scrolling through their newsfeed, though, you will get more viewers and thus more followers and thus more fame.

Instafame can be hard to achieve; but if you put a little work into it and follow these tips it can be yours one day.You can also buy instagram followers to be instafamous

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